I want to participate

If you have a space and / or you are a person or group of people who are developing cultural activities in Alicante, you are invited to be part of this map. Therefore, you can add your Space or your Agent any time you want: as Space we understand a physical place where the cultural activity is developed and as an Agent, a company, autonomous, collective, association, brand, etc. (with physical space to be located on the map or not). Here we'll explain to you how to do it:

1º If you do not have an account...

... that is, if you have not registered before, create an account on this link. You will receive an email to the address you indicate to configure your password.

2º If you have already registered...

... that is, if you already have an account, log in here.

3º If you want to be part of the map...

... with your session started you can click on "My account" and open the "Add an Agent or Space" tab. A municipal technician will validate your Agent or Space and then your file will appear on the map.

4º If you want to update your file ...

...with your session started you can update your data at any time from "My account", in the tab "Edit your agents and spaces".

5º Spread!

... To recognize that you are part of the map, we have prepared these images for you. Also, the more people know the map, the better for everyone! Encourage your community to be part of the map!

  • Spaces: if you want to download the poster to print it and upload it visit this links:
  • Agents: click on these images to download them and share them on your social networks, add them to your roll ups, etc:

Sample image of Agents type A:


Sample image of Agents type B: