What is it?

You are browsing the Map of the Culture of Alicante, a map where make visible the cultural and creative community of Alicante. Its objective is make the network of public spaces, private spaces and agents that are part of the cultural ecosystem of the city inhabit this digital space together. A diverse and heterogeneous map through which to make connections.




The map is designed thinking about both of its inhabitants (those who register) and its explorers (those who come to the map to discover this community).

>> 2 kinds of MAPS

You can browse over two kinds of maps:


2 tipos de mapas


Geolocalized Map, with the streets and squares of the city in the background you can see where are geographically located spaces and cultural agents. An exploration tool that will help us see the places where they are concentrated or absent. It will help you explore the city finding resources you didn't know!

Semantic Map,a map of hexagons that represents our units of analysis. In it you will be able to make searches based on your interests  crossing data that previously the inhabitants of the map have filled in their form. It will help you see what are the connections and gaps of this community of inhabitants!

>> Do you want to participate?

To appear on this map follow the steps in the section Do you want to participate?